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At JB Concrete we offer a full list of maintenance and repair options.  The most common mistake we see is a lack of maintenance.  Sealing your concrete in the fall is a regular maintenance routine every home owner should get used to having done.  Especially for anyone that chooses to put salt, or any other type of ice melt on their concrete.  None of these products, regardless of packaging claims, are safe for concrete.

Here is why:

Concrete is perforated. When ice or snow melts on concrete, the water is absorbed into the perforations.  Still cold, the water then refreezes inside the concrete.  The ice expands, causing small cracks.  This perpetuates and worsens the problem by allowing more snow and ice to melt and refreeze in your driveway, sidewalk, or patio.

How do we prevent this?

Properly sealed concrete prevents the water from being absorbed where it can refreeze.  The water can drip off into the yard where it will cause no damage to your concrete.  A sealed driveway or patio will last much longer, and help you save on repair costs.  Even if you do not use ice melt products, the city does, and the tires of your car or truck will pick it up off the roads bringing it home onto the driveway.  Kuhlman Ultimate Sealer is great for protecting your driveway, take a look at some of their technical specifications yourself to see how it can help.  Ready to protect your driveway or any other concrete you may have?  Give us a call and set up an appointment to get it sealed before the winter weather can take its toll!